Plant & Equipment

  • Ditchwitch FX50 Vacuum Truck
  • Yanmar 3 tonne Excavator
  • Vermeer Vacuum skid for access to tight area’s
  • Yanmar 2 tonne Excavator
  • 3 tonne cable Jinkers
  • Crane Truck
  • Road cutting saws
  • Ditchwitch Grundomat piercing tool 65mm
  • Rock breaker
  • Chain trenchers
  • Cable Hauling Winches
  • Compaction equipment


  • 7 x Mobile Splicing Vehicles
  • Multiple Site vehicle
  • 20 Electrical and communication service vans
  • 3 and 6 tonne tippers

Endorsements - Eco Expert

Expert Data Cabling have won the endorsements of many high-profile clients demonstrated through being including on their Preferred Sub-Contractor Lists.

EDC regularly exceed the KPIs set by Spotless for the delivery of services and undergo annual Audits from Spotless at our Newton premises to assure our Safety & Operation Policies & Procedures are up to their latest stringent benchmarks.
Clients within the Spotless portfolio include;

  • TAFE
  • DECS
  • SA MFS

EDC’s ongoing relationship with the University of Adelaide ITS team requires EDC to manage the university’s daily Comms Cabling requirements, installations of WAP Equipment and assist with all of their Telecommunication changes.


EDC have certifications from several manufacturers to install their products and back them with warranty. These certifications are part of the excellent quality and service that we pride ourselves on at Expert Data Cabling.


Expert Data Cabling has developed its own program database that it uses to ensure that all licences and accreditations are up to date. Our QA & HSE Manager can easily advise our clients on the status and abilities of each of our staff members and if an individual’s licence is approaching renewal. The system also allows our staff to directly link up to the relevant training and accreditation programs, as well as the induction training required by many of the large build projects.

Expert Data Cabling is compliant with the Department of Education and the Department of Employment codes of conduct. EDC places great value on the training and develop of their staff from apprentice level through to senior management. Working closely with the leading training specialists, EDC ensure that all their staff are educated in the most current programs and continue to upskill their knowledge base through ongoing courses.
we work closely with Peer on our Apprentice Program, as well as other specialist training groups and make it policy to ensure our staff are educated

As part of EDC’s commitment to the development of future electronic specialists we work closely with Peer on our Apprentice Program, with the majority of our apprentices originating from this program. This qualification provides competencies to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in building and premises. It includes ERAC requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence,’ and is the basis for all further training conducted by EDC. EDC also works closely with Peer to receive communications endorsements (fibre, structured + coaxial), as well as accreditations for testing and tagging, etc.

DPTI Tier 4 Certificate


Expert Data Cabling works closely with its industry peers to ensure that all inductions required to work on their sites are competed and maintained. The custom built database automatically advises of any approaching induction renewals requiring action, or any staff that have not yet completed the relevant induction courses. Many of our clients are directly linked to the EDC system so that staff can easily access the required induction courses and complete them online. EDC and client inductions currently include;

Torrens Island Power Station

Gateway South

Birkenhead Oil Refinery

Origin Power Station

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Southern Expressway

South Road Superway