Infrastructure ELEC/ITS

Roadway ITS

EDC have the capabilities and equipment to undertake any large-scale Infrastructure and Intelligent Traffic System installations. Our staff are experienced in the installation of overhead gantries, signage and road side traffic control equipment. We have demonstrated this on some of the recent major infrastructure projects being conducted by the Government of South Australia in its efforts to improve the transport infrastructure in the state. This includes the South Road Superway which has greatly improved the flow of traffic from one end of Adelaide to the other. EDC also have the capabilities to install roadway pole mount and tunnel/ bridge lighting. An example of this is the Gateway South Project, also for the Government of South Australia, DPTI.

Fibre Wifi Rollouts

EDC has established themselves as leaders in the installation of Fibre Wifi Rollouts throughout South Australia and have developed long-term relationships with many of the major communications businesses in Australia. Some of these include the Government of South Australia’s GigCity Project, Telstra, Optus, TPG, Visionstream, Vocus and SABRENet.

EDC are currently undertaking a portion of the Telstra Air Fibre Antenna roll-out throughout South Australia, NSW and Victoria with our partner Synergy Asset Management. EDC and Synergy have been working closely together as a delivery team to undertake the installation of this roll out. Project Delivery has been completed so far in the Unley City Council, Holdfast City Council, Mildura City Council and Broken Hill City Council districts.
EDC have multiple cable hauling crews and cable winches that can be deployed to undertake Electrical and Fibre Optic roll outs throughout Australia. With our Hydravac Excavation System EDC have the capabilities to prep sites, install and make-good on all Fibre Wifi Rollouts.