New Project Wins

University of Adelaide Medical School

Client: Sarah Construction & University of Adelaide

EDC have been engaged to undertake complete electrical upgrade to 2 floors of the medical school North building at the University of Adelaide Medical School.  This project involves LED lighting installation, switchboard augmentations, emergency lighting and power supplies over both levels.

University of Adelaide MSB Changeover

Client: Sarah Construction & The University of Adelaide

EDC have been engaged to undertake a large MSB changeover by Sarah Construction for the University of Adelaide. This job requires EDC to construct a critical works programme to ensure that all university experiments maintain power while the shutdown is being completed.  EDC will be installing temp power supplies and working closely with Sarah Construction management and university stakeholders to ensure smooth transition of switchboard changeover.  The new MSB will include the latest energy monitoring metering, load management and backup generator ATS facilities.

Regency Tafe Hub

Client: Co-Design & Regency Tafe

EDC have been engaged to upgrade the Ground Floor entry and community services hub at Regency Tafe by Co-Design.  This project will involve completing the full electrical and communications package of works.

Elizabeth House

Client: Bruce Interiors and Construction
EDC have been awarded the electrical component for the fitout of the new housing SA facilities at Elizabeth.  This scope of works involves new metering, lighting and power upgrades.

Tyndale Christian School

Client: Mossop Construction & Tyndale Christian School
EDC are currently undertaking the communications scope of works for the renovated home economics building at Tyndale Christian School being carried out by Mossop Construction.